Team task lists

Learn where to find your team tasks lists.

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Azendoo makes task lists collaborative. Each team member add their own tasks and delegate others to their colleagues. The key to making task lists collaborative is to share tasks on subjects.

Team task lists

There are 8 team tasks lists available workspace wide:

  • To-Do

  • Planned

  • Due dates

  • Assigned

  • Subscribed

  • Unassigned

  • Canceled

  • Completed

These task lists will only show you tasks that you have access to. That means that these tasks are either shared in a subject you are member of or shared with you as a subscriber, or both.

To access these task lists go to Team Tasks, then click on the list you want to display.


This task lists includes all your team members' tasks and is ordered by team member.


This task lists includes all tasks with a start date from your team members and is ordered by start date.

Due date

This task list includes all tasks with a due date, ordered by due date.


The Assignee list is your team to-do sorted by team member, and by last update within team members.


This list includes all the tasks on which you are a subscriber, ordered by task assignee. You can subscribe to tasks to be notified of their progress.


This list references all the unassigned tasks ordered by date of last update.


This task list includes all the canceled tasks and is ordered by cancelation date.


This task list includes all completed tasks of the workspace and is ordered by completed date and time.

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