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Create subjects to organise your work, tasks, and to communicate around topics.

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Subjects are key to making a good use of Azendoo. Subjects are very flexible and allow additional confidentiality. Create as many subjects as you need, they can later be modified or archived.

To create a subject click on the + create subject on the side menu. Your new subject will need to have at least a label before you can create it, but you can add more information for you team members such as the purpose of the subject. Select a colour for your subject to identify it more easily. Finally select the confidentiality of the Subject.

  • Dynamic subjects are joined by all Workspace team members. Everyone on the workspace team is automatically added as a member of all dynamic subjects and get their updates in their Activity feed.

  • Open subjects are visible and accessible by all Workspace team members. Anyone can join freely to view conversations in their Activity feed.

  • Private subjects are visible by all workspace team members, but only subject members can access its content. Non members can request access and have to be accepted or invited to gain access.

  • Confidential subjects are not visible nor accessible to workspace team unless they are invited to join as subject members. New members can only join upon invitation.

Once you have entered all the subject details, click on create to finalise your first subject. Don’t forget to invite members to the subject to collaborate with your team.

The subject will be accessible from the side menu and can be “starred” for quicker access.

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