Repeating / Recurring tasks
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If you have a task that you'd like to complete regularly, you can use repeating tasks.
You just have to set a task to be recurring, and choose how frequently it should repeat:
From any task's card, click on Set to repeat to define a repeat pattern:

From the panel that opens you can choose how often you want it to occur:

When is the next task created?
The next possible tasks is created when the "current" task is marked as completed and according to the defined pattern. So until you complete the current task, the next one won't be created.
 If you were on holidays, and didn't complete a task everyday as it should, then you only have one task in your list for today. You can always know what has been done using the completed tasks view.

How to remove a recurrence?

  • Select the current repeat pattern 

  • and click Remove Repeat at the bottom of the panel (or delete the task that supports the repeating options)

What happens when I complete a repeating task?
The next task gets created according to the repeat pattern. Azendoo just looks for the next possible date.

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