What can Subject Officers do?

Learn the difference between as subject member and officer.

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One of the most interesting capabilities of Azendoo is the ability to choose how involved you want to be in a subject.

By default, the person who creates a subject is its Officer. Workspace Administrators have the same rights than Officers do to manage subjects.

An Officer of a subject can:

  • rename the subject and change its description

  • add and remove members on the subject

  • Add and remove officers on the subject

  • Change the subject type (open, closed, or secret)

  • Archive the subject

  • Delete the subject 

Anyone in the workspace can request to join a subject as a member. Any member or officer can approve requests to become a subject member from people who are already in the workspace.

Members can also be directly added by another member or an officer. Members have access to any content associated to a subject (ie. messages, tasks, notes, files, URLs, etc).

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