How to add members to a Subject

Invite team members to collaborate on subjects.

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You can invite people from your workspace team to join a subject:

  • while creating the subject

  • at any time by visiting the subject page

You can access a subject's page:

  • directly from the pinned and suggested subjects in the left column,

  • by searching the subject name from the top search bar

  • via the SUBJECTS menu in the left column

  • by clicking on a subject's name from a task of a conversation,

  • etc.

Then use the 'invite' menu at the top and select 'Add Members':

You can then choose from the users who are already in the workspace team:

If you need someone who is not yet on your workspace team to join a subject, there are 2 options. You can either:

  • add that person to the workspace team (and then to any subjects), or

  • invite that person as a guest on that specific subject only.

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