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Using Zapier with Azendoo
Using Zapier with Azendoo
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Ever wanted new labelled emails to get sent as tasks in Azendoo? Or new Youtube videos that match a search to get posted as an activity, get new tagged notes in Evernote to create tasks, or simply to add rows in a Google spreadsheet when tasks get completed in Azendoo?

Those are just some of the limitless use cases you can set up using Zapier to integrate Azendoo with your preferred cloud apps.

What you need?
- Zapier account (
- Azendoo account with an API Key (
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You can now set up your zaps with Azendoo using the triggers and actions below:

  • New Task Assigned to Me

  • New Task

  • New Task Completed


  • Send New Message

  • Create Task

  • Create New Activity

How to add links in a task's description?

If you’re feeling adventurous, and know HTML, you can play around the task description to insert links or show other information from your trigger apps.

Use this code snippet, and insert your custom code instead of “INSERT YOUR ADDITIONAL CODE HERE” :) We do not guarantee that all HTML will work, but simple links should work properly.


Here is an example to turn a Gmail email into a task with a link back to the email thread in the description:

How to add the time a zap runs?
if you need to use or convert time information please refer to

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