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Using Microsoft OneDrive with Azendoo
Using Microsoft OneDrive with Azendoo
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Select OneDrive from the file picker

When you want to attach a file, this drop down menu will appear so you can select OneDrive.

Upload window

When selecting OneDrive, a pop-up window appears so you can sign into your Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, or OneDrive for Business account. You can even sign into multiple accounts.

Once you have signed in, you then have access to all your files in your OneDrive account. You can select multiple files, which shows the blue check sign on the top right corner, and click “open” to add them to Azendoo.


Everytime you upload a file on Azendoo, a shareable link is created. Each person who has access to the link can view and edit the shared OneDrive file.

In Azendoo

Once you have selected your files and pressed “open”, the window will then close and the files will be uploaded on Azendoo, and will look like any other file upload.

The team members who click on the files from Azendoo can open them in a webview, depending on the file type. If the file is an Office file, it will open in Office Online so you can view and edit it right away:

  • Word documents will open in Word Online

  • Excel spreadsheets will open in Excel Online

  • Powerpoints will open in PowerPoint Online

You also have the possibility to open those files in the desktop version of the software, if you are logged into a Microsoft account, by clicking the “Edit” button, like in this example with PowerPoint:

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