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What can a Team Member and a Workspace Admin do?
What can a Team Member and a Workspace Admin do?
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Workspace Admin

A workspace admin is usually the person who creates the workspace.

On top of what every user can do, a workspace admin can:
- enable invitation link
- remove users
- rename the workspace or edit its description
- delete the workspace
- upgrade the workspace

If the workspace is on a Team subscription, a workspace admin can also:
- invite Guests (Team)
- disable the ability for other users to invite new users
- name additional admins
- give ownership on the subscription
- cancel the subscription
- update the credit card
- access invoices

Workspace team Members

A member of a workspace can:

- display the workspace settings

- invite other members (if not disabled by the admin)

- copy and sent an invitation link to people so they join the workspace (if enabled by the admin)

- list team members

- list subjects (except Secret subjects he is not member of)

- be added as member of a subject within the workspace by subjects's members

- ask to join subjects (requires officer validation)

- post messages to the whole workspace members, and/or to the members of any non-secret subject, even if not a member of it.

- comment on a message

- attach files to tasks, messages, or subjects

- display a user's profile and what he/she shares/has in common

- create tasks

- for him/herself only in the workspace

- tagged to a specific subject or to the whole workspace

- mark a task he has access to as completed

- delete a task he has access to

- comment on a task he has access to

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