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What are Azendoo Subjects?
What are Azendoo Subjects?

Learn how you can organise all your work in subjects.

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A Subject is where people can get work done easily

Subjects are much more than the basic Project concept most other tools propose out there.

Subjects can represent anything you want: a client, a product, a service, a project, a department, a group, a committee, a team, an event.

Anyone in a workspace's team can post messages in a subject without being a member of this subject.

e.g. You can ask a question on your latest pay slip to the people in "HR department" without being a member of HR.

In other words, Subjects behave like email distribution lists that contain people you can address easily.

That's why you can really map your organization with subjects (teams, groups, services, etc) and organize all of your company's daily activities with your team using subjects and Azendoo.

A subject regroups tasks, messages, and files for the people you work with, on this specific topic.


How do I create a new Subject?

You have 2 ways to create a new subject.

On the left menu, click on the “+” just by your subject list:

Or, click on “Subjects” on the left menu to access your Subject Index, and click on “+ New subject”:


Who can access the content of a subject?

When you create a new subject, you can choose who can find it and access its content:

Take a look at our dedicated article about the difference between Subjects.


What do I find inside a subject?

You’ll always have these 5 sections :

Activity is where you can start new discussions, comment on-going discussions, share documents, and see alerts on on-going tasks.

Tasks is where you can create new tasks, assign them to yourself or other members, comment on on-going tasks, everything you want to do on tasks!

Calendar is where you see tasks with due dates, into a calendar view. You have a monthly or weekly view. You can drag & drop tasks to change their due dates.

Analytics is where you keep track on what’s happening on your subject. You have stats on finished/opened tasks, per day and per member.

Documents is where you find all the documents that have been shared into your subject, by any member, either on discussions, comments, or tasks.


How can I invite a new member on a subject?

To invite a new member to a subject, simply go to your subject and click on the “Invite” button on the top right:

And then check the members you want to invite to the subject.

You can also invite Guests on your subject, click on the link to learn more.


How can I archive or delete a subject?

To be able to archive or delete a subject, you must be an officer of the subject.

If you’re already officer, click on the arrow on the right of the subject, and choose “Archive this subject” or “DELETE this subject!”:

Be careful, if you choose DELETE, your subject will be deleted for ever!

On the other hand, an archived subject can be reopened from the Subject Index:


How can I revoke someone from a subject?

Once again, you need to be an officer of the subject to have this power.

If that’s the case, click on “Manage members” on the top right, and choose the member you want to revoke:


How can I edit a subject?

As an officer of the subject, you can edit several of its information:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Privacy

  • Members

That means subjects can adapt to any change in your company.

To edit a subject, click on the arrow on the right of the subject, and choose “Edit”:


20 ways to use Subjects on Azendoo

Here is an article to inspire you on how to use Subjects in Azendoo.

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