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How can I use Evernote with Azendoo?
How can I use Evernote with Azendoo?
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Azendoo has great integrations for you with Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Zapier.

With our Evernote integration you can:

  • Attach a note from Evernote to a message or task in Azendoo

  • Import checkboxes from an Evernote note as tasks in Azendoo

  • Use a note from Evernote as a template for projects

  • Export and transform a project’s progress into an Evernote note

We encourage you to connect your Evernote account to Azendoo, and regroup your contents with just the people who need access to get work done.

Setup is quick and simple; try it out and let us know what you think.

Azendoo works with Evernote, whatever your version of Evernote (free, Premium or Business) and Yinxiang Biji, Evernote's dedicated Business in China.

  • Click the Connect button near Evernote

  • Click the Authorize button on the Evernote page

And you’re all set!

How can I share an Evernote note within Azendoo?

You can now share any Evernote notes from your personal or Business notebooks directly into Azendoo. (Notes from a Joined notebook cannot currently be shared.)

Attach a note to a message:

Attach a note to a task:

Attach a note in the documents’ tab of a subject:

How to use Evernote To-do import as a template for projects?

If you're holding a number of similar events or projects throughout a year, there's high chance each will typically have the same 20-50 tasks in its build up.

You can create a template note in Evernote with a checkbox for each new task to be created.

From a subject's page in Azendoo, you can import this note and create a set of tasks in a few clicks and end up with wasting a lot of time making the same 20-50 tasks for 15-20 events every year.

Step 1: In Evernote, create your template note with checkboxes

Step 2: From Azendoo, import the note

Select the template note:

You can repeat import of a same template note as many times as needed with each new project you have.

How can I export a tasks list for Azendoo to an Evernote note?

From any task list you can launch an export to an Evernote note:

How to work with an Evernote Business Notebook?

If you’re using Evernote Business, make sure notebooks settings allow you and your team to modify notes:

Here is how to ensure a notebook allows you and your teammates to list and share notes from this Evernote Business notebook in Azendoo:

Please make sure you have Evernote Admin rights to proceed

Click the Share notebook icon and select Can edit and invite

Notes from this notebook can now be listed and shared from Azendoo.

Notes which are in a non-shared notebook may appear as follow or not appear at all:

How to avoid conflicts when editing Evernote note attached to Azendoo?

Conflicts can happen when you create a sharing link from Azendoo, while the note is still syncing with another version of that note or a sync just happened a few seconds before.

A simple way to avoid this is to sync or modify a note only from one side at a time on a 20-30 seconds timeframe.

You may for example wait until the syncing of your note is fully completed on Evernote/Skitch (or any other application that may modify the note), before sharing it on Azendoo.

If you just shared a note from Azendoo, you can modify it from your Evernote desktop client, but may wait a moment before launching a sync or selecting another note than the currently selected note.

As long as there is only one sync attempt at a time during the exact same timeframe, you shouldn't experience any conflict.

If a conflict happens, when you already shared a note in Azendoo, make sure to copy/paste the latest content into the shared note (which may be taken from the automatically created conflicting note).

How to revoke Azendoo access to Evernote?

Of course, we never want to see you leave, but if you ever need to disconnect Azendoo's access to your Evernote account, you can easily do so.

From your Azendoo account, go to and remove Evernote.

- Then, you can login to Evernote in your web browser

- Under "Other Applications" find every instance of "Azendoo"

- Click the "Revoke Access" link for each instance of Azendoo

This un-authorizes Azendoo to access your Evernote account.

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