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How can I turn an email into a task?
How can I turn an email into a task?

Email-to-task feature explained

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You and anyone else can create new tasks and conversations in an Azendoo subject from an email. This can for example be useful to log requests from clients or other departments, and coordinate what needs to be done with your team. Read the dedicated article.



With the email-to-task feature you can create tasks from your email inbox by forwarding any email to the workspace email-to-task address.

All of the information present in your email will be transferred directly into the task, including attachments.

Each workspace has its own email address which you can get from its settings panel:

From the email address that is linked to your Azendoo account, send or forward an email to that email-to-task address.
Once matched with your profile, it will create a task that is non-shared in your My tasks page of this workspace.

By default it is assigned to you, but you can assign it to someone by adding its email address as the FIRST recipient of the email (to:)

Email subject          → Task label
To: @email              → Assign the task to the first @email found in the To: field
Email body              → Attached to the task as a .html file and in task description
Email attachments  → Added as task attachments 

Tip: If you're using web mails such as Gmail or Outlook Office 365, you can automate creating tasks from an email using Zapier.

Here are also some examples using Zapier:

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Using multiple email addresses with my Azendoo account

You're using multiple email addresses - professional or personal - and would like to create tasks in Azendoo from an email sent from any of those email addresses?
You may want to use this from more than one email address.
Well... you can set up a rule in your "master" email address so when you forward a message from another address it automatically forwards it to task@azendoo.
You can also use IFTTT or Zapier.

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