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Desktop Notifications
How to manage Desktop Notifications
How to manage Desktop Notifications

Learn how to enable of disable desktop notifications for Azendoo.

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Desktop notifications help you staying in touch and notified of events from your team.

Azendoo desktop application

The best way to experience desktop notification is by using our desktop applications.
Keep the application opened to receive desktop notifications on your Mac or Windows 10 PC.

Web browser desktop notifications

With an Azendoo session open in your web browser, you'll get notified with a popup even while not on the Azendoo tab, or even with your web browser window minimized. However if your browser is closed you will not be notified on your desktop.

Desktop notifications behaviour varies depending on your web browser.

How to enable Desktop Notifications on my web browser?
When opening a session from a new browser you'll be asked if you want to enable Desktop Notifications for this specific web browser on this specific computer.

You can also go to your notifications settings and click on the Allow desktop notifications button.

How to disable Desktop Notifications?

  • On chrome follow these steps or read this article

  • On Safari, open the Preferences and go to the Notifications tab. Find more information here

  • On Firefox, go to Tools > Page Info > Permissions go to the Permissions tab. down to Display Notifications

  • Internet Explorer does not support desktop notifications

If you are on Windows 7 you have to use Chrome and activate desktop notifications to receive Azendoo notifications on your desktop.

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