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Azendoo ◀︎▶︎ Slack integration
Azendoo ◀︎▶︎ Slack integration
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Azendoo is a work tracking application that helps teams plan work, execute and sync on action plans and track progress on projects. With Azendoo, you and your team stay on top of tasks, due dates and more. You deliver results faster by shortening planning time, reducing sync efforts and eliminating unnecessary meetings. 

With Azendoo and Slack you can:

 • Organize, dispatch and sync on task lists and projects

 • Discuss work, attachments, due-dates and updates on each task

 • Follow team progress, activity and time on each task

 • Get real-time notification in Slack on tasks updates

 • Create, and follow Azendoo tasks directly from Slack



There are multiple integration possibilities between Slack and Azendoo. You can set Azendoo to notify task activities in Slack, and use the Azendoo Bot to create tasks in Azendoo from Slack.

Send Azendoo task activities in Slack 

This integration enables you to connect a Slack Channel with an Azendoo Subject in order to send Azendoo task activities in Slack in the form of messages.

Here is the full list of Azendoo actions that trigger messages in Slack:

  • A task is created in the subject

  • A task is assigned in the subject

  • A task is commented on

  • A task reminder is triggered

  • A task due date is updated

  • A task is completed

Create Azendoo tasks from Slack with the Azendoo Bot

With the Azendoo Bot you will be able to create tasks in Azendoo from Slack. The Azendoo Bot can create tasks from one on one conversations with the bot or from the Channels where the Azendoo Bot is present.


Activating the integration is easy. You will need a Slack account on top of your Azendoo account. First go to your Applications settings page in Azendoo and connect to Slack.

You successfully linked your Azendoo and Slack accounts to get started with our integrations.


Send Azendoo task activities in Slack

With the integration, you will be able to link a Slack Space with an Azendoo Subject. With the integration activated, you can select which action will create a message in Slack.


You first need to link your Slack and Azendoo accounts. Once this is done, click on your workspace settings and select the integrations tab. There you can configure your Slack integration.

Click on "Add Integrations" to get started. You can then select the Subject that will trigger messages and the Slack channel that will receive the messages.

All you have left to do is select which events will trigger Slack messages. Click on Add Integration and you’re all set.

You can add multiple configurations to receive messages from more than one Azendoo subject, and in different Slack channels. And you can always edit the existing configurations by clicking on the toggle icon.

Who can see what?

Only the members in the Slack channel you selected will receive the messages. However, every Workspace member in Azendoo will be able to see all active integrations.


Create tasks from Slack via the Azendoo Bot

The Azendoo Bot in Slack allows you to create Azendoo tasks from Slack using only conversational messages.

In order to create Azendoo tasks from Slack, you first need to link your Azendoo and Slack accounts, and to connect at least one Azendoo Subject to a Slack channel.

Creating a task in a channel

In order for the Azendoo Bot to “listen” to you, you need to use / commands. The only action possible at the moment is to create a task. To do so, use the /azendoo command followed by the ‘create a task’ instruction and the label of the task you want to create.

Here is an example:

/azendoo create task Send documentation to client

If the Slack channel is connected to multiple subjects, Azendoo Bot will then ask you on which subject you want the task to be created in. Select subject from the dropdown list and our bot will then create the task, and notify you in the channel with a link to your newly create task.

If you only have one connection Slack channel / Azendoo subject, Azendoo Bot will create the task in the connected Azendoo subject.

Creating a task in a direct message

Creating a task from a direct message is simpler since you do not need to connect to an Azendoo subject.

Simply start typing your create a task instruction and select the Workspace you want to create a task in. Once this is done, the task is created assigned to you and as not shared. You can find it in your personal task list. 

Azendoo Bot Available Instructions

Azendoo Bot can create new tasks in Azendoo with the following commands, followed by the task label:

/azendoo create task
/azendoo add task
/azendoo create new task
/azendoo add new task
/azendoo create a task
/azendoo add a task


If you are encountering issues, try clicking on the refresh icon next to one of your Slack configuration. This will check the integration connectivity and will display a message if something went wrong.

There are three reasons your integrations could have stopped working, either the Slack channel is archived, Azendoo bot is no longer a member of the channel, or the Application authorization has been removed.

You can then either un-archive the channel, add Azendoo as a member of the channel, or to add the Application authorization again to fix the issue.

If you encounter any other issue, please let us know.

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