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Create tasks from your conversations
Create tasks from your conversations

Learn how to create tasks that link back to your conversation for additional context

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You can create tasks from your conversations easily in order to take action after the discussion phase.

Every conversation has a 'Create a task' button under the first message, which allows you and your team members to create tasks that link back to the conversation for context.

Simply click on the 'Create a task' button to display the creation window. From there you can: 

  • edit the task label

  • assign the task

  • choose on which subjects to share the task

  • add a due date for that task

  • add a description

  • add followers

Click on the 'Create Task' button to create the task, or click anywhere outside the window to dismiss the form and task creation.

The newly created task will open right away, and contains a link to the conversation under the task label. A link to the task will also be added to the conversation.

You can also create Follow-up tasks that link back to the original task.

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