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Learn how to share Google Drive files with your team in Azendoo.

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How to share a Google Drive document

You can share Google drive files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations or forms directly in Azendoo.

Simply click on the Google Drive icon from a message or a task :

A pop up window appears from which you can select the Google account you want to share a file from. Note that you can have multiple Google accounts connected, and that you may have to enter your password again.

Once you have selected you Google account, another window overlays on your Azendoo, displaying the Google Drive integration.

From there you can search and select files from different tabs:

  • Recent

  • My Drive

  • Team Drive (if activated in your Google account)

  • Shared with me

Select the files and/or folders you want to share and click on the 'select' button on the bottom left window.

Your selected files will be shared on Azendoo. If you are writing a message, don't forget to click on 'Share' to post the message and the files.

Documents you share are made editable to anyone with the link (see details below). You can remove shared links at any time.

Who can do what?

G Suite users

If you signed up with your G Suite account (or if you linked your G Suite account to Azendoo), documents will be shared and made editable to Anyone who has the link within your G Suite domain. People outside your domain will have to request access to the file's owner.

Google lets you also share outside of your domain by using the Gdrive Publish to the web feature. Get the public link and paste it into Azendoo.

Gmail users

If you signed-up with your Gmail account (or if you linked your gmail account to Azendoo), you can share a document with anyone. Azendoo will make it visible and editable to "Anyone with the link"

Non-Google users will only be able to read it.

Only Gmail users will be able to edit it.

How to setup Google Apps Sharing settings?

As a collaboration and work coordination tool, Azendoo is designed to help you seamlessly share your Google Documents with the people you need, directly from Azendoo, so do not have to align sharing from Google's side.

Azendoo will ask Google Apps to generate a Sharing link and apply "Anyone with the link" permissions.

To make sure your Google Apps documents requires an authorization of the owner when shared outside your organisation, please make sure your Google Apps Sharing Settings are aligned with the following:

People outside your Google Apps domain, who you share documents will get this page to explicitly Request access to the document's owner:

Why do people ask for access to some Google Docs

When you share a Google document on Azendoo, some people may ask you to grant them access to it. Why is that?

If you are using a Google Apps account, by default your documents can only be shared with people from inside your Google Apps domain.

Users who are NOT inside your Google Apps domain will need :

  • a Google account - provided with any gmail address or linked to any non-Google address by following this short procedure - 

  • and then request the document's owner for accessing the document.

You may also use the “publish to the web” feature in Google Drive:

In this case, a copy of the document is created by Google and published on a specific URL that you can then share as a link directly in Azendoo.

This will only create a snapshot of your document and NO further modification made to the original document after this sharing, will be reflected until you re-share your document.

If you experience any issue with sharing settings please give a look at this help article from Google
We are also here to help :)

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