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A new way to distribute authority and clarify accountability
A new way to distribute authority and clarify accountability

Dave Gray explains why and how organizations need to tranform

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A new way to distribute authority and clarify accountability

Beyond pure project management, problems, cases, situations and daily-work today span multiple competencies, roles and categories on the organization to get solved.

If an organisation is still silo-ed into boxes there is high change your customers will need to find their own way in your organization to try find a solution because it is not organized to solve it in a service/customer oriented manner... or they'll need to escalate to a manager or a VP.

Not sure if it is a good idea to have the 'standard way it works' to require a manager or a VP to be requested, as a matter of fact.

Coworkers are also distraught and do not know how to resolve the situation, which people they should get in touch with.

That's why they (too) often send emails around to too many people (5 to 15 people being the average) just to try find people who could answer, and end up with people who have no choice but taking it as a last resort - instead of being entitled to finding the best collective option, with an organizational support.

What if they could easily sollicite a kind of ad-hoc entity to solve their specific case and get the right people together autonomously?

How many interruptions would this save? How much energy, alignment and efforts would that gain? Not to speak about the clarity on how things should work and who is accountable for doing it/making it happen.

I highly recommend you play Dave Gray's video to better understand how Azendoo can help organizations to transform:

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