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How to use Google Meet in Azendoo subjects?
How to use Google Meet in Azendoo subjects?

Start Google Meet online meetings from your Azendoo subjects and notify subject's members to join you

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Facilitate remote working by starting an online meeting in an Azendoo subject. Instantly notify the members of this subject so that they can join you with a single click.

Enable the Google Meet feature in Azendoo Subjects

This feature, still in Bêta version, is accessible to any Azendoo user whatever his subscription, for free.

In the future, you will be able to activate / deactivate this option directly via our Official Store currently under construction.

  • Go to the Azendoo subject in which you wish to start an online meeting

  • You can then see the Google Meet icon next to the subject name at the top of your Azendoo workspace. Below is a capture of a subject named "Video"

Azendoo now integrates Google Meet live meetings

Start an online meeting with Google Meet on Azendoo

Click on the Google Meet icon of the subject, a window appears explaining how to start the online meeting and quickly invite your collaborators.

You can copy the address that allows you to notify the members of the subject directly from this window and start the meeting by clicking on "Start a meeting".

Starting a live video meeting via Google Meet on Azendoo

⚠️ If the "Add by e-mail" option in this subject is not enabled, the window will prompt you to enable it before you start the meeting. Indeed, only this feature allows you to publish the information in the corresponding Azendoo subject; otherwise you will have to go through Google Meet email invitations.

Notify the subject's collaborators to join you

Clicking "Start Meeting" opens a Google Meet window that allows you to generate an online meeting link.

Simply invite the Azendoo email address copied a few seconds earlier to join you - this will publish the link in the Azendoo subject activity feed.

Here's how to invite the copied Azendoo address :

Invite Azendoo subject members to join your Google Meet

And below is the result on the subject where we started a meeting:

  • The members of the subject receive an instant notification inviting them to join you

Notifications Center in Azendoo when subject member is invited to join a call

  • An activity feed post containing the link to your online meeting is published in the corresponding subject

Notification sent to Azendoo Subject's Activity Feed after inviting on Google Meet

And there you go! The members of the "Video" subject in this example just have to click on the displayed link to join you in a Google Meet online meeting!

This option is available on all your Azendoo subjects, including the "General" subject for meetings with all members of the workspace 😉.

Note: only the creator of the meeting needs to have a Google account (free). People joining the meeting do not need an account and can join the meeting without one. You can create a free Google Account without changing your email address using this official tool.

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