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Analyse your (and your team members) performance with the personal Time tracking dashboard

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Each team member now have an 'Analytics' tab where their Time tracking data is displayed. The view consists of 3 main elements:

  • Bar chart timeline

  • Subjects pie chart

  • Entries table

Bar chart

The bar chart timeline is similar than what is found on the Workspace Analytics. It shows the data for any given day. The timeframe displayed can be changed to 7, 30 and 90 days, but also with a custom time period.

Pie chart

The pie chart displays the time spent by Subject. Note that if a task is shared on multiple Subjects, the time spent on that task is counted once for every Subject.

Entries table

The Entries table displays all the time tracking entries attributed to this user. The date and time spent of the entry can be edited directly from the table. You can also open the tasks by clicking the their label.

Who can see what

The confidentiality of Azendoo is respected with this view. That means that if you spend time on tasks that are shared in a secret or a closed subject, team members that are not members of these subjects will not be able to see the time entries associated.

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