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Take advantage of the integrations
Take advantage of the integrations

Link your other services to Azendoo with our integrations to maximise your team's usage and adoption.

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Another great way to help your teammates get onboard with Azendoo is by taking advantage of our integrations. The current list of integrations include:

  • Google Drive

  • OneDrive

  • Dropbox

  • Box

  • Zapier

  • Evernote

  • Google Calendar

File sharing

Sharing files and documents is the most basic need of every team. This is why we decided to integrate the most successful file sharing services with Azendoo. They enable you to find and share files easily with your team, and most importantly to provide context to these files.

We invite you to help your team members activate their integrations with the services you use in your team. This way they won’t spend time looking for files in Dropbox, selecting and copying the link only to paste it in an email sent to a dozen people. In Azendoo, this translates to 4 clicks and happier team members.

Also read and share our articles on using file sharing integrations:


If you don’t know Zapier already, it’s a web based application that enables you to connect other applications together to automate tasks.

It is very useful in general, and can power-up your Azendoo usage. It is particularly useful for pushing information toward Azendoo.

A typical use case is to connect your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to a subject to push new tweets, posts and other information to Azendoo.

This way, your team will be notified when they need to respond and they can also discuss each incoming message to decide what how to answer, together.

There are countless ways to use Zapier along with Azendoo, and we’ve already prepared a few recipes for you and your team.

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