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Host an Azendoo Kick-Off meeting
Host an Azendoo Kick-Off meeting

Present Azendoo to the rest of your team to start accomplishing more together

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The best way to get your whole team started on Azendoo is to host a kick-off meeting presenting the solutions and associated benefits.

Invite your team to the meeting

First let’s get everyone on board by sending one of your last internal email :) We’ve prepared this sample email that you can tweak and adjust. Set a date and time for the meeting and prepare your Azendoo presentation to make the best first impression.

Email Template

"Hi everyone,

I recently discovered a work management and collaboration tool called Azendoo and would like to introduce it to you. Azendoo allows collaboration with actionable tasks, team discussions, and progress tracking, all easily and in one place. I believe Azendoo can help us (solve specific pain ex: reduce email and meetings, manage and track a specific project, collaborate across departments more easily, etc.).

I have already used it for a while with (co-workers names) and we drastically reduced emails and meetings (+ other achievements).

I am setting up a team meeting to present the solution before I invite everyone to use it. The meeting will take place (date and time + location). I’m thrilled to present this new tool to you all and am sure it will help us work more effectively.

(Add any additional information here)
(Custom greetings)

Present Azendoo

Before going into the meeting you need to think about the issues you want to resolve with Azendoo and how Azendoo fits into your team’s current workflow.

Here are a few of the major benefits your team will get by using Azendoo:

  • One place for all of your team communications and collaboration

  • See who is working on what, when, without asking

  • Track work and project progress

It’s a good idea to prepare some examples of how Azendoo made you more effective vs. your old way of working.

You can also download our intro deck and present it to your team during the meeting ;)

Azendoo Demo

During the meeting, presenting Azendoo is a must so that your audience can see themselves using the tool.

We find that presenting these features is a must:

  • Task lists and task cards

  • Subjects

  • Conversations

  • Direct messages

  • Notifications

  • Integrations

You can also present some more advanced features that can help everyone save lots of time

  • Email-to-task

  • @mentions

  • Search

  • Follow-up and copy tasks

  • Calendar

  • Polls

You can also show them our Product Tour Video

Share resources

Share some of our resources with the rest of your team to help them get started and answer their questions:

And if you still have questions after looking at our resources, you can always contact us.

Establish next steps

At the end of your presentation, set the expectations for you and your team: when and how you are going to start using Azendoo.

  • We find that starting a new project with or transitioning an ongoing project into Azendoo directly after the presentation helps with adoption.

  • Make sure everyone gets invited and creates their Azendoo account, uploading their profile picture and other info by the end of the day.

  • Make your teammates start communicating on Azendoo right away, rather than using email, so they can get to know the tool better on their own.

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