Create tasks and conversations in your subject via Email

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Every subject has two email addresses: 

  • one to create a conversation in the subject

  • another to create an unassigned task in the subject.

Emails can be sent from any email address, incoming tasks created via these emails will trigger a notification to the subject officers.


How to use it


Workspace admins and subject officers can activate the email-to-subject by clicking on the subject menu and selecting “Email-to-Subject” and clicking on the button to activate and display the email addresses.

The email addresses can be re-generated in case of spam or other unwanted incoming emails.


Once activated on a subject, everyone who has access to this subject can access the email addresses. Click on the subject menu and select “Email to Subject” to display the dedicated window.

Then simply click on the copy button next to the address you want to use to copy it to your clipboard. You can start sharing these addresses with clients, partners and other external parties, or you can use them to subscribe to newsletters, set rules to forward certain email to these addresses, etc...

You can also add these addresses to your contacts so that you don’t have to remember the complex email address and can quickly send or forward emails on the go.

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