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How can I import my boards from Trello?
How can I import my boards from Trello?

Learn how to move your team from Trello to Azendoo.

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You can import your Trello boards easily. Check out this 1 minute video or read on.

How to import Boards from Trello

First you need to export your data from Trello in a JSON format. Take a look at this article from Trello to learn how to export your data from Trello. Once your Trello board JSON is displayed on your internet browser, press CMD+S on Mac or CTRL+S on Windows and save from source to your computer to download the JSON file.

Then, back in Azendoo, go into a subject task list, or task board view and select “Import from Trello”. Select your JSON file from computer to upload your JSON file.

Hit confirm and all your Trello cards will be created as Azendoo tasks. Just head to the subject’s board view to see the results!

We import:

  • Columns

  • Cards

  • Due dates

  • Checklists

  • Descriptions

  • Archived columns and cards are imported as completed tasks

My import failed, what do I do?

Make sure that the file selected is a Trello export JSON file. Make sure your exported Trello board has at least one column. If you run into more issues, please contact us.

How can I import all my Trello data

If you have Trello business class you can export all your Trello boards and data in a single export. Contact us directly and we will work with you to select what to import and import all that data at once, for you.

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