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Search is based on full word search and applies what is called "stemming" to work with plural and conjugation.

If you search for "exercise records "
- "exercise" finds it and shows "exercise records "
- "record" finds it and shows "exercise records "
- but "exercis" does not match

If you search for raspberries 

- "raspberry" finds raspberries 
- "raspberri" finds raspberries 
- "raspberr" does not match but we suggest "Raspberry"

If you search for "hotfix 1108" with quotes the search engine will find objects (task, conversation, documents, users...) that contain the same exact terms.

Without quotes any object that contain hotfix or 1108 will be returned.
You can also exclude a term using the - (minus) character:
hotfix 1108 -mobile
This will exclude mobile for results

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