How to create Subtasks in Azendoo.

You can create subtasks in your tasks in Azendoo. To do so, click on a task from any task list to open the task card.

In the task card, you will see a field named “Add a subtask”. Click on the field and give your first subtask a label. Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to create your subtask.

You can continue adding as many subtasks as you want.

As soon as a task has at least one subtask, a progress bar will appear both in the task card and the task list. This progress bar enables you and your team members to see the progress of the task at a glance.

As you complete each of your subtasks by clicking on their checkbox, the progress bar will eventually become full, indicating that your task is ready to be completed.


How to rename subtasks

You can rename each subtask by clicking on its label. One click will select the whole text, so you can rename it completely. If you click once more, you can place the text cursor exactly where you want to change the subtask label.


How to re-order subtasks

You can re-order subtasks by using drag and drop. Click anywhere on the subtask you want to move, and while maintaining the click down, move the subtask above or below, to the position you chose.

Once the subtask is where you want it, release the click.


How to delete a subtask

To delete a subtask, place your mouse cursor over the subtask you want to delete. A cross on the right of the subtask will appear. Click on the cross to delete the subtask.

Warning: Once deleted, the subtask cannot be recovered.

If the task itself is deleted, all its content is deleted with it, including its subtasks.


How to find a subtask

In order to find a subtask, you can use the search feature. Click on the search field on the top right of your Azendoo interface. Enter the keyword you are looking for and press ‘enter’ on your keyboard.

If one or more subtask contain the keyword entered in the search field, the task containing it/them will appear in the task tab of the results page.

Warning: the subtask will not be shown, you need to click on the task to find the subtask containing the keyword.

Warning: the Azendoo search feature only searches for the exact keyword entered.

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