There are multiple ways to assign a task to someone (listed below) or to add followers to a task that will receive updates from this task.

You can create tasks that are:

  • Assigned to you and not shared (default when creating from My Tasks or using the + icon in the top bar)
  • Unassigned and shared with a subject's members (default when creating from a subject's page)
  • Assigned to a teammate (default when creating from a user profile tasks page), or if you pre-select an assignee when creating from a subject's page.

You can assign an existing task from a task card:

... or directly from a list of tasks:

The assignee will get notified and the task's border color will change to show you're not in charge of it.

You are still a follower of this task so when the assignee or someone who has access to this task comments on the task or marks it has completed, you get notified.

Pre-assign a task:

Here is a summary view from a Subject's page.

You can list the tasks you follow or you've assigned to others from My Tasks > using the additional views:

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