In Azendoo, you share tasks and task lists with your team, but every member have their own task lists to organise their work.

You can find your own personal task lists by clicking on My Tasks in the side menu. From there you have access to all of your personal task lists:

  • To-do
  • Snoozed
  • Due dates
  • Canceled
  • Completed


The To-do list includes all of your tasks (as in tasks assigned to you) that are to-do and not snoozed for later.


The Later list includes tasks assigned to you that are planned for later.

Due Date

This list is composed of your tasks (assigned to you) ordered by due date, from the oldest to the newest due date.


The Canceled list is a list of tasks assigned to you that are not meant to be worked on, therefore are canceled.


The Completed lists, does what it promises. It lists all of the tasks assigned to you that are marked as completed.

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