Sometimes, in order to be efficient when working on specific projects, you need to manage the progress of your tasks, beyond just marking them as ‘done’ or ‘not done’.
Your tasks list may contain several stages that you need to track to support a process for example.

These are examples of different progress states that you can affect to a tasks list:

  • Support: New -> In progress -> Verified -> Resolved
  • Development: To Fix -> To Do -> Doing -> Done -> Released
  • Sales: Order received -> Order affected -> Order provisioned -> Client billed -> Payment received
  • Legal: Application received -> Application to review -> Contact -> Interview -> Proposition -> Contract signature
  • Checklist: Step 1 -> Step 2 -> Step 3

That’s where you can use “Separators” to help organize your tasks lists, support your processes.

Separators act much like dividers to structure your task lists into groups of tasks.

To add a separator, simply click on the + when flying over your mouse on a tasks list:

You can use Separators for any of your needs, such as daily processes with a few steps that tasks need to go through before you can consider them as being completed.
We built Separators so you can use them in the way that suits you best when you are structuring your task lists.

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