What are Azendoo Boards?

Azendoo Boards are a new view of your tasks. Boards allow you to visualize your team progress on processes inside subjects. They are also great for Kanban and Scrum project management methodologies. 

Azendoo Boards are available on each subject. They are a view of your subject’s tasks, meaning that the tasks on the board are the same that the tasks in your subject’s todo list. Each column in a Board view is a separator in the Tasks list view, and the tasks in a column are the same ones that are displayed below a separator.


Azendoo Boards basics

Azendoo Boards are a great way to visually manage processes with your team members. Each task can be dragged and dropped between columns to show progress, and inside columns to show priority.

Anyone who has access to the subject can create columns, tasks and drag and drop tasks around.


How can I scroll sideways?

Hold your Shift key and scroll up and down to scroll left and right.

How do I create a new board ?

Each subject comes with a board view of its tasks, so to create a new board, simply create a new subject.

How do I create columns and tasks in Board view ?

There are two ways of creating columns in Azendoo Boards in the Beta version:

  • You can create separators in the list view, and when you get back to the board view, these separators will show as columns.
  • You can create a task with your column name, then click on the label to open the task card, click on the three dots on the top right to display the dropdown menu, and select “turn into a separator”. The task will become a column to the right of its previous location on the board. 

We are planning on adding two other ways to add columns:

  • You will be able to create new columns in the board view by clicking on the “Create a column” text field on the far right of the column labels.
  • You will be to create new columns in between two existing columns by hovering your cursor between your columns and clicking on the little + icon that appears. From there enter the column name and press Enter to create the column.


How can I get the Beta version of the Boards ?

Simply click on the chat bubble on the bottom right of this screen and ask us to join the beta program.

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