There are two different types of Calendars in Azendoo, the Workspace Calendar, and the Subject Calendar. They work similarly but are based on different data.

All calendars display tasks that are either due dates or planned dates on their respective dates (due dates are displayed by default).

All calendars also display only incomplete tasks by default, but you can display completed tasks as well.

All calendars can be displayed as a monthly or weekly view, monthly is displayed by default. The monthly view allow you to filter tasks displayed by members.

Calendar basics

Create tasks

You can create tasks from the calendar view. When you hover your cursor on a date, a small and blue "+" icon follows you around. Click on it to create a new task.

If your calendar displays due dates, the task created will have the due date according to the date. If your calendar display planned dates, the task created will have the planned date accordingly. 

Drag & drop tasks

You can drag and drop a task to change its due date or planned date. Grab the task by clicking on it, hold and move your cursor to the date you want and release your click to drop the task on that date, and it will automatically change its due date (or planned date depending on the calendar displayed).  

On the weekly calendar, dragging and dropping a task on another row will change the task assignee, on top of changing the date.


Separators will appear differently than regular tasks in the calendar view. They have lines above and under their label to make them easily distinguishable.

Workspace calendar

To open the workspace calendar, simply click on the Calendar button in your left side menu under the Task button.

By default, the calendar open with on the monthly view, with the due dates of tasks assigned to you and incomplete.

On the workspace calendar, the circle next to the task labels represents the first share subject of the task. So if your task is shared on a subject that has a red color, the task in the calendar will reflect that by displaying the red color as well.

The workspace calendar allows you to filter tasks by member. You can select to display any member or guest tasks, all of the team tasks at once, as well as unassigned tasks.

Subject calendar

Every subject have their own calendar. Open the subject by clicking on its label, then click on the calendar tab to display the subject calendar.

By default, the calendar displays the monthly view, with the due dates of tasks shared on the subject, that are incomplete. There is no default member filter.

On the subject calendar, the avatar next to the task label shows the task assignee. You can also filter the tasks displayed by subject member.

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