Create your first tasks

Learn how to create your first tasks and to share them in subjects.

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There are multiple ways to create tasks. You can create a task from your personal to-do, a subject’s task list, from a conversation and more.

For now head to your personal task lists and click on the task creation field. Enter the label of your task, and hit Enter on your keyboard to create the task. You can then click on the task to open the task card and start entering additional information. 

By default the task is marked as “unshared”. This means that no one else but you can see the task at the moment. You can share the task on a subject or add team members as followers to start collaborating on that task. 

Feel free to create tasks that are not intended for you. Once you have put the required info, you can delegate any task to your team members and collaborate at will.

You can also create tasks directly from subjects tasks lists.

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