How to navigate Azendoo

Learn how to get around in Azendoo and to get familiar with the interface.

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Azendoo is a point and click app. You need to use your mouse to navigate the application. Simply click on the buttons associated with the view you are interested in. For example, if you want to take a look at your to-do list, click on my tasks. If you want to know what your team is up to, head to Activity.


The sidebar makes it easy to navigate Azendoo. It’s composed of four distinctive parts:

  • Workspace name and settings

  • Main navigation buttons

  • Team members

  • Subjects

If you are part of more than one workspace, the sidebar will also contain icons of all the workspaces you can access as a member or guest.



The top bar stays with you throughout your navigation on the Azendoo app. It contains different very important elements, from right to left:

  • Your profile picture which you can click to display a menu to access your personal settings amongst other things. 

  • The notification center, which is where all of your current workspace notifications are available. 

  • The search field which allows you to search the current workspace through keywords

  • The + button, which is a quick access to creating new tasks and conversations.

  • The current page title, which helps navigation

  • The toggle sidebar button, to hide or show the sidebar.

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