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Create your account and invite team members
Create your account and invite team members

Learn how to create an Azendoo account and to invite your team members.

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Create your account

To create your Azendoo account, go to or sign up from our website Enter your name, email address and password. Click on Create then follow the onscreen instructions. Your account is successfully created.

Invite team members

You can invite team members by two different ways.

Invite team members by email

Click on add members on the side menu and enter the email addresses of your contacts. Click on send invites to complete the invitation process. Your contacts will receive an email with a link to join your workspace. They have to create an Azendoo account in order to join.

You can link you Azendoo account to your Microsoft and Google accounts in order to view your contacts, which makes it easier to invite people. Go to the integrations page and click on the integration you want to enable. A popup window will appear so you can log in your Microsoft or Google account. Once logged in, Azendoo will display the name and email address of your contacts in the invitation window.

Click on add members on the side menu and click on invite with a link to change tab. If the invitation link is enabled, you can click in the text field containing the link to select the link. You then only have to copy it and paste it wherever you want to share it with your team members.


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