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Learn how to duplicate a subject task list

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The subject copy is essentially a subject task list copy, because conversations are not copied over to the new subject. However all tasks are copied, but with a twist: all completed tasks are marked as incomplete.

This enables you to take a previous project, copy it, and use that copy to do a "rerun" of said project.

How does it work?

You need to be a subject officer in order to copy a subject, and since workspace administrators also have officers rights, they can do this as well.

Click on the subject name at the top of the subject screen to show the options in a dropdown. Select the "copy subject" option to get started.

A window will appear so you can name your new subject and select what you want to copy. Here is the full list of options:

  • Subject members

  • Tasks assignees

  • Tasks descriptions

  • Tasks followers

  • Attachments

  • Tasks subjects

  • Due dates

  • Time planned (if you have Time Tracking activated)

  • Subtasks

When subtasks is selected, all of the subtasks attached to the tasks in the subject will also be copied. All other copy options will be applied to subtasks as well.

There are a few tricky options to watch out for:

Selecting "Assignees“ will assign the new tasks to the current assignees of all the tasks in the current subject. This can have a major impact on their personal task list depending on the number of tasks. Bear in mind that the task lists of your team members can quickly get out of control when selecting this option.

Selecting "Tasks subjects" will share the new tasks in other subjects. This can also have a major impact on these subjects task lists because a lot of new tasks can be added to these lists, so bear that in mind as well.

Selecting "Subject members" will add all the current subject's members to the new subject, which will trigger a notification telling them they are now a member of the newly created subject.

The subject purpose and confidentiality will remain unchanged, so you will have to change them manually later on if needed.

Once you have carefully thought about what you want to copy, hit the "Create" button at the bottom right corner of the window to start the subject copy.

The subject copy will start running in the background and you will receive a notification when the copy is complete.

You can now start using the subject, and keep being productive with your team.

If you copy a subject and it impacts your teammates and or subjects tasks lists in an unexpected way, please contact us.

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