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How to make copies of a task
How to make copies of a task

Make one or more copies of a task and assign them directly to team members

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Creating a copy of a task can save you a lot of time. It allows you to keep selected information from the task you are copying into the new one you create.


Step 1: Open the copy window from task you want to copy

From the task card you'd like to copy, click on the three dots ... at the top right.
Select “Copy this task”:

This opens up a panel with all the information present in the task you're duplicating:

  • the Subjects on which it is shared

  • the subscribers

  • the due date

  • the repetition pattern

  • the description

  • attachments

  • subtasks


Step 2: Set the copy settings

You can then change the label of the new task you are about to create, and assign it to one or multiple team members directly.

If multiple team members are selected then the task is copied once for each assignee, this means that there will be as many copies of the task as there are assignees. Each assignee will have their own task which will be independent from the other copies.

You can then select or deselect the task details you want copied for your new tasks.

Selecting "Subtasks" will copy ALL of the subtasks (including subtask's subtasks) attached to the tasks present in the subject. All of the elements selected on the subject copy window will be copied for subtasks as well, which include: tasks description, tasks subscribers, attachments, due dates, tasks subjects and time planned if you have time tracking enabled. All copied subtasks will become unassigned.

Step 3: Launch the copy

Once you’ve decided on what you want to copy over, simply click on the “Start copy” button.

Each task created and assigned will trigger a notification for the new assignee.

The new task(s) will open in the task card with all the information you’ve selected to be copied over.

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