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What is the General subject?
What is the General subject?

The General subject gathers all Workspace members easily.

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The General subject is the first subject created on an Azendoo workspace. All workspace members are automatically added to the general subject when they join the workspace. The only way for members to leave this subject is to leave the workspace.

The general subject is unique in every workspace.
You can identify the general subject by its specific home icon :

Also, when starting a new conversation from the “Activity” timeline, this conversation will by default be shared on the general subject. You can always change where your conversation is shared by clicking on “add subject” and removing the general subject.

Can I rename the general subject?

Yes. The Subject’s officer and Workspace admins can rename the general subject, change the icon color, and add a generic description to the general subject.

This specific part of the description cannot be removed: “This subject is for team wide communication and announcements. New team members will be automatically added when they join the team.”

Can I invite guests on the general subject?

No, guests cannot be invited on the general subject. This subject is kept for workspace members only.

Can I delete the general subject?

No, the general subject cannot be deleted or archived.

What are some common use cases for the general subject?

The general subject has been designed for any member to communicate with the whole workspace team, without having to add team members to a specific subject. This way you always have a place where your messages reach all members of your workspace.

A common use case can be to use the general subject as a team announcements subject, or a message board. But it is entirely up to you and your team to decide how you prefer to use it.

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