How to use @mentions

Notify your team members of important information with mentions

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Mentions work in Activity messages and comments, as well as in Task card comments. It makes it easy to get your team members’ attention and notify them (you can notify as many people as you want) about a conversation.

To trigger a mention, simply type “@” followed by your team member’s user name. To make things easier, Azendoo will suggest names to choose from, like this:

You can then use the arrows to go up or down in the name picker and simply press Tab or Enter to fill in the name and prepare your “@mention”. You can also easily select it with your mouse.

You can see that the mention will be triggered once you post your message, if the name is highlighted in blue.

Warning: If the name of the user is not highlighted in blue, the mention will not work.

Once posted, the mention will be written in blue and will automatically link to the member’s profile.


When someone mentions you, you receive an “@mention” notification. It’ll look like this:

You are now part of the conversation and will be notified when it is updated with new messages.

Also, when mentioning someone in a Task, it automatically adds that person as a subscriber of the task.


Sometimes, when “@mentioning” a team member, you might see this:

That means, that the person you mentioned will not be able to see the message, and will not be notified. This is because they are not a member of the subject where you shared your message, and are therefore unable to gain access to it.

To make it visible to them, you can invite them to the Subject you shared your message on, or you may re-post the message on another subject.

You can search through your mentions with the search in the topbar. It will display all the mentions in your results page, which become extremely useful when looking for something specific.

You can also search mentions of your team members if need be.

Mentions are also available on our mobile apps!

If you have questions about the use of @mentions please contact our support team in app :)

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