How to invite people as Guests?

Learn how to invite Guests to collaborate with external collaborators.

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Need someone to join a specific Subject in a workspace, without viewing your other projects? We call that a Guest.

People you invite to join a workspace as a member are able to list and join any Subject in that workspace, can see its whole team, and count for a paid seat on your team subscription.

While this is perfect for people on your team or with whom you tightly collaborate, it may not be optimal for an outside freelancer, a client or a vendor who could for example list all your clients' Subjects.

That's why you can invite outside people such as freelancers, clients or vendors to join a specific Subject as a guest. A Guest does not count on your subscription and does not have to pay for that usage either. A Guest may however want to create its own subscription.

How to invite someone as a Guest?

From a Subject's page, you can invite someone as a Guest to only view this specific Subject, including all its contents and members.


What kind of invitation does a Guest receive?

This person will receive an email invitation to join this Subject.


What can a Guest see?

A guest can only see the specific Subject you've invited them to join. The name and logo of the workspace this Subjects is part of can be viewed by the Guest:


What can a Guest do?

A guest can globally do the same as other members of that specific Subject:

  • list the members of that specific Subject

  • post or comment on a message

  • create and assign tasks, subtasks and sections

  • add followers on a task, subtasks and sections

  • mark tasks, subtasks and sections as completed

  • display tasks on a list, a board or a calendar view

  • send direct messages (with the members of the subject they are guest)

  • use integrations

  • attach files, add a poll to a new conversation...

However all workspace related features are unavailable to them.
Especially, a guest:

  • CANNOT view other Subjects in that workspace (unless invited to join)

  • CANNOT view members of the workspace outside of this Subject

  • CANNOT invite members or guests to this Subject

  • CANNOT create nor edit a Subject's name, description, privacy, etc.

  • CANNOT track their time on a task


How many Subjects can a user join as a Guest?

A user can join a multiple Subjects per workspace as a guest. Please however keep in mind that as guest of multiple separate subjects, they DO NOT have a consolidated view of activities across the workspace, messages nor tasks across subjects and will need to navigate through each subject (or use activity indicators) to view their tasks subject by subject.

If you'd like to add someone as a guest on more than one Subject for a same workspace, you should consider adding this person to the workspace as a standard member.

Which plan do I need to have Guests?

You need to upgrade to the Business or Enterprise plans. The Starter plan does not include Guests (nor multiple workspaces).

How many Guests can we have on a workspace?

You can add as many guests as you need.

However, specific ratios can be defined with the Enterprise plan.


Typical setup

A typical setup is to have one or more workspaces to support your "internal" company organization.

You can also create a dedicated workspace for each of your clients collaboration with the projects you have in common.

Another way is to create a workspace such as "My company's Clients" with a Subject for each of your clients and invite them to join their Subject as a guest.

You can use Guests for:

  • a contractor who just needs access to a particular event or project,

  • an accountant in the "Accounting" Subject,

  • a lawyer on the "Legal“ Subject or a specific secret company acquisition,

  • or even to communicate with each of your customers or partners.

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