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How to delete my account?
How to delete my account?

This article helps you delete your use profile

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If for any reason you need to delete your user profile please follow the steps below.

A - By default, deleting your profile is simple: just head to and click Delete my account now at the bottom of the page:

You'll be prompted to confirm:

That's it. Once confirmed wait a moment, while the deletion process completes. You'll be logged out automatically.

We really look forward to seeing you again soon in Azendoo with your team!
B - If your profile is more complex (e.g. you manage multiple subscriptions, the subscription contains multiple workspaces or if you are not admin of all the workspaces in the subscription you own, etc.) you'll need to follow these steps:ย 

N.B. If you try to leave a workspace from the Settings page, you'll get a warning message. You can delete a workspace from the Team's profile tab instead.

Your subscription or trial period has ended? Here is how to proceed from
Click on the cog icon and switch to the Team profile tab to delete the workspace team.

2 - Delete the empty subscriptions that you own (if any) - or name another Manager and downgrade yourself as a member

3 - Delete your account

- Click on "Delete My Account Now" and confirm

Your session will instantly be terminated, while your account is being deleted in the background.

Any question, please ask us.

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