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Only Subscription Managers can see all the Workspaces in the Subscription. All other users will only see the Workspaces they are part of.

Workspaces are completely private to other users of the Subscription. If the user is not in the Workspace team, they won’t be able to access Workspace information.

Subject privacy depends on the subject type. There are three Subjects types, each with their own privacy settings:

  • Dynamic subjects always include all Workspace members, new members join automatically and everyone sees the activity in their feed.

  • Open subjects are opened to all Workspace members, they don’t need to be member of the subject to see and interact with its content. Members receive discussions updates in their activity feed. 

  • Private subjects can be found by all Workspace members, but its content is only accessible to subject members. Those who are not subject members can ask to join.

  • Confidential subjects cannot be found by Workspace members, and are accessible only upon invitation. Only their members have access to the content and it cannot be shared to other subjects simultaneously.

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