Administration & Rights

Learn what Managers, Admins, and Officers can do

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Each subscription has at least one Manager, each Workspace has at least one Administrator and Subjects can have Officers.

Subscription managers are responsible for handling payment and billing of the subscription. They have the ability to remove members throughout the subscription and are the only ones who can create new Workspaces in a Subscription.

Workspace Administrators can manage members (add/remove) at the workspace level. Additionally they can allow or forbid members to invite new members to the workspace (and therefore to the subscription) and can enable/disable the public invitation link. They also have the same rights as Officers when it comes to managing subjects.

Subject Officers can change the Subject’s name, description and confidentiality. They can also manage members at the Subject level, as well as archive or delete the subject.

Each person that creates the Subscription, Workspace and/or Subject automatically obtains the admin rights that go with it. They can then nominate other members to have similar rights, as well as revoke those rights.

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