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Send Azendoo task activities in Spark
Send Azendoo task activities in Spark

Learn how to send Azendoo task informational messages in Spark

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With the integration, you will be able to link a Spark Space with an Azendoo Subject. With the integration activated, you can select which action will create a message in Spark.

Here is the full list of actions that trigger messages:

  • A task is added to the subject

  • A task is created in the subject

  • A task is assigned in the subject

  • A task is commented on

  • A task reminder is triggered

  • A task due date is updated

  • A task is completed

We are already planning on expanding the list above with new triggers. Here are the results in Spark:


You first need to link your Cisco Spark and Azendoo accounts. Once this is done, click on your workspace settings and select the integrations tab. There you can configure your Spark integration.

Click on Add Integrations to get started. You can then select the Subject that will trigger messages and the Spark space that will receive the messages.

All you have left to do is select which events will trigger Spark messages. Click on Add Integration and you’re all set.

You can add multiple configurations to receive messages from more than one Azendoo subject, and in different Spark spaces. And you can always edit the existing configurations by clicking on the toggle icon.

Also take a look at this video for an overview of the possibilities of our integrations with Cisco Spark:


If you are encountering issues, try clicking on the refresh icon next to one of your Spark configuration. This will check the integration connectivity and will display a message if something went wrong.

There are two reasons your integrations could have stopped working:

  • The Spark space is archived

  • Azendoo bot is no longer a member of the space

You can then either un-archive the room, or add azendoo@ as a member of the space to fix the issue.

If you encounter any other issue, please let us know.

Who can see what?

Only the members in the Spark space you selected will receive the messages. However, every Workspace member in Azendoo will be able to see all active integrations.

You can also take a look at our other Cisco Spark integrations.

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