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Create tasks from Spark via the Azendoo Bot
Create tasks from Spark via the Azendoo Bot

Learn how to create tasks with our Cisco Spark integration

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The Azendoo Bot in Spark allows you to create Azendoo tasks from Spark using only conversational messages.

In order to create Azendoo tasks from Spark, you first need to link your Azendoo and Spark accounts, and to connect at least one Azendoo Subject to a Spark space.

Creating a task in a space

In order for the Azendoo Bot to “listen” to you, you need to @ mention him in a Spark space where he is already present.

The only action possible at the moment is to create a task. To do so, @mention Azendoo Bot, followed by the ‘create a task’ instruction and the label of the task you want to create.

Here is an example:

@Azendoo create task Send documentation to client

If the Spark space is connected to multiple subjects, Azendoo Bot will then ask you on which subject you want the task to be created in. Answer with a single number corresponding to the subject in your next message. The Azendoo Bot will then create the task, and notify you in the space with a link to your newly create task.

If you only have one connection Spark space / Azendoo subject, Azendoo Bot will create the task in the related Azendoo subject.

Creating a task in a private conversation with Azendoo Bot

Creating a task in a private conversation with Azendoo Bot is even simpler since you do not need to mention him every time.

Simply create a new private conversation with him from the + button in Spark and search for Azendoo Bot. Select him and click Go chat!

Once the conversation is open you can start typing your create a task instruction. There is no need to mention him in the private conversation.

Here is an example:

Create task Share new presentation template with team

The Azendoo bot might ask you on which workspace you want the task created if you have multiple workspaces.

Simply reply with the number corresponding to the workspace and the Bot will post a message with a link to the newly created task.

Also take a look at this video tutorial dedicated to our Cisco Spark integrations:

Azendoo Bot Available Instructions

Azendoo Bot can create new tasks in Azendoo with the following commands, followed by the task label:

  • create task

  • create new task

  • create a task

  • add task

  • add a task

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