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Get started with Time Tracking by tracking your time in tasks

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Tracking how you and your team spend your time takes place within your tasks. Each task has two time tracking fields:

  • Time planned

  • Time spent

The time planned field is designed to let you estimate how much time should be spent on each task. You can ignore it altogether, but you’ll miss out on the task progress bar as well as insightful analytical reports along the way.

The time spent field is where each member enters the time they spent on tasks. Whenever you make progress on a task, click on the field to add the time you contributed towards the task accomplishment.

You can add your time spent in minutes and hours by clicking on the + and - on the counter or by using your keyboard to adjust the values. The time that you add will become a contribution to the task. The aggregate of the task’s contributions make up the total time spent on the task.

Tip: The time spent window always shows 00:00, with the total time spent on the task above. When you start adding hours and minutes, you will see the total above change accordingly.

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