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Enrich and expand your team’s Azendoo usage
Enrich and expand your team’s Azendoo usage

Move your team's workflows into Azendoo to make them easier to plan, track and execute.

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Now that everyone in your team has access to your Azendoo workspace and you’ve already started communicating, it’s time to accelerate usage and maintain the momentum developed during the presentation and the first conversations.

Create an Azendoo subject

As already suggested, create an “Azendoo questions” subject to answer questions and gather feedback from your team about Azendoo. You can also use this subject to assess adoption by your team.

Go ahead and share resources often, such as how you use a specific feature, how Azendoo fits into your workflow, and other use cases. Ask your co-workers how they use Azendoo and if they are encountering any issues.

You can also set a meeting one week later to discuss usage and help others develop and manage their workflows in Azendoo.

Address common questions

You can also share some of our resources to answer common questions:

  • Frequently asked questions are answered on our help center, where you can also find help about all our features.

  • Share our getting started guide with your team members - it covers all the basics of Azendoo and much more.

  • Take a look at our blog for updated releases, new features and fresh use cases. 

Plan and manage a new or ongoing project in Azendoo

A great way to make everyone find the value of Azendoo is by moving your next project entirely to Azendoo. That means all communications, planning and progress tracking will take place in Azendoo. It’s also a great proof of concept and showcase for the rest of the team.

Create one dedicated subject, or more if needed, and invite all stakeholders. Use task lists and sections to plan out each step of the project, and assign tasks according to who is responsible for each part.

Have discussions and make status updates in the conversations, track progress in the analytics tab, and mark tasks as “done” as you progress.

Adapt Azendoo to your workflows

If you do not have a new project coming in that you can manage entirely in Azendoo, or if you simply want to expand the use further, you can encourage your team to migrate workflows into Azendoo.

Take a look at these articles that describe specific workflows in Azendoo:

These examples are just the surface of what you can do with Azendoo. Feel free to experiment based on what works best for you, your team, and the work that needs to get done.

Learn from Use Cases

Azendoo has already been helping teams collaborate and become more productive together for over four years. You can learn more about how other teams use Azendoo to gather ideas for your own usage.

Check out the Using Azendoo section of our blog to read customer use cases, and other articles focused on helping you get the most out of Azendoo.

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