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Help your team embrace change
Help your team embrace change

Help your team see the benefits of Azendoo vs your current way of working

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People usually are not thrilled to change the way they work. They think that the current way works fine, even if there are new ways of working that can make the whole team more productive.

Here are some arguments that you might hear from your team:

  • We are doing fine without it

  • We already use too many tools

  • We don’t have time to learn how to use it

  • It’s too difficult to use, I don’t understand it

  • It’s not appropriate for my work/workflow

Here are some counter arguments to prove that using Azendoo is worth it:

  • Azendoo enhances the feeling of being responsible for your work

  • Azendoo is flexible enough to adapt to any work and workflow

  • Using Azendoo will reduce the time spent in meetings dramatically

  • The Azendoo support team is one click away

  • Azendoo will make everyone save time, not the other way around

  • Using Azendoo dramatically reduces time spent on emails

You can also share some resources to help them get started:

You can also contact us to plan a demo with your team.

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