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Move communication to Azendoo
Move communication to Azendoo

Spark conversations to help your team transition from email to Azendoo

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To fully take advantage of Azendoo you need to move all your team communications to Azendoo.

Communication can happen in many different ways with Azendoo, depending on the context and the audience. Conversations take place in subject conversations, tasks and direct messages.

Start a conversation on a task

Tasks are a great way to host conversations with a relatively small group of people on a specific topic. Since tasks are action items, the conversations should mostly revolve around that action.

Task conversations are great for discussing ideas, asking and answering questions, updating progress, and sharing links and documents. 

Start a conversation on a subject

Subject conversations will be visible to all subject members, and to all workspace members when the subject is open.

Subject conversations are a great place to share any information that needs to be widely available, to share documents or files, or to ask questions through polls.

Start a conversation on the General subject

Conversations on the General subject will be visible to all workspace members. This is the best place for team-wide announcements and conversations.

Send Direct Messages

Direct messages are private one-on-one chat rooms. It’s great for quick chats and sharing documents quickly outside of tasks or conversations.


Use the Email-to-task feature to create tasks from your emails. Each workspace has its own email address and you can forward emails to them to create tasks. The task name will be the email subject, the body will be attached on the task and in the description, and files attached to the email will be attached to the task.

Take advantage of this feature as a team to switch from email to Azendoo. It can also be helpful to share information shared by email from people outside of the team (and outside of Azendoo).


Azendoo notifications are essential for good usage. Add people to tasks so they get notified of their progress. @mention people in conversations so they get involved and contribute. Also remind everyone that they can adjust their notification settings.

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