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Add people to subjects and tasks
Add people to subjects and tasks

Once your whole team is in Azendoo, help them get around by inviting them to subjects and tasks.

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After your Azendoo presentation to your team, you should invite everyone into your Azendoo environment. Make sure you set up some subjects that are relevant to your teams, projects and workflows. Then you can start using the environment to get conversations flowing and task creation/completion going.

Invite everyone to the same workspace

We recommend starting by creating a workspace for the whole team (or using an existing one). You can easily share the invitation link with everyone through an group email or other groupe communication channel.

Create subjects relevant to your team

You should already have a few subjects ready when your team starts coming in. You can create a subject per department or team, a subject for ongoing projects or clients you are working with. Make sure these subject are 'open' so that other team members can find them easily.

For example, you could have a few subjects such as:

  • Marketing

  • Administration

  • Operations

  • Legal

  • IT

  • etc...

You can also create subjects for specific projects, whether ongoing or upcoming:

  • Website redesign

  • Pricing updates

  • New ad campaign

  • And so on...

Also create subjects for lighter conversations such as a 'watercooler' subject to share anything unrelated to work.

Ask them to add what they are working on as tasks

Azendoo becomes much more relevant when everyone enters their work as tasks. Ask your team members to create tasks with their current and upcoming work. Show them how to share tasks in subjects and encourage them to add followers to spark discussions and collaborations.

Create a “Using Azendoo” subject for your teammates to post questions they have about Azendoo so you can answer them and have everyone learn together.

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