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Azendoo for Freelancers
Azendoo for Freelancers

Are you a freelancer looking for an app to run your business, keep track of all you need to do for your clients and company?

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Great news! Azendoo has been designed to help freelancers run their business efficiently !

As a freelancer you don't actually usually need team communication as such... But tracking time, organizing and planning tasks, and some kind of an overview of your projects and due dates is essential. Plus, you can use Messages and Comments to document and keep an history log of your actions for yourself and your clients.

If you have been looking for a tool to have all of these but haven't found a perfect solution yet, make sure to give a try to Azendoo and book a call with someone on our team to set up your profile.

How do I set up Azendoo as a Freelancer

The typical set up is the following:

  • Running My Company: a workspace for running and managing your freelancer business:  offering, website, campaigns, SEO, blog posts, proposals, invoices, and all of your processes, business routines and work topics:

  • Clients Projects: a workspace to gather your clients' projects

A distinct Subject is created for every clients' project and each client can join its own subject as a free guest. He won't see anything else than its own Subject especially not your other clients Subjects. You can also invite other freelancers you work with to join a subject as a guest, or add this frequent coworker as a full member on this workspace (this user will be paid on your subscription in this case):

  • Big Customer A (optional): you can dedicate a workspace to a specific client

By building a true team with a larger or more regular client, you can gather the multiple projects you have with this customer. Your client contacts can join as paying members:

Which plan should I choose?

The Business plan (15€/month or 150€/year for 1 single user - you) is tailored for your needs. You can:

  • create multiple workspaces to gather your smaller spot clients' projects on a separate workspace, or dedicate a workspace to a multi-project client.

  • invite your clients as unlimited free guests

  • store large images you need to get validated with your clients

  • estimate the time you'd like to dedicate to a client's project (what has been sold) and track how much is spent already

  • use all of our integrations with 1000+ apps 

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