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March 1st 2021


  • You can now search for a subtask in the search bar

  • There is no longer any duplication when creating a subtask

  • A subtask is automatically linked to the subject of its parent task when it is created

November 5th 2020


  • You can now rename your grouped messages

November 3rd 2020


  • Fixed a bug when writing a new message to a collaborator you never talked to before.

October 27th 2020


  • Rename conversation when adding more than 5 users on conversation and 2 users on conversation listing

  • Redirect to conversation listing when first message is sent in a new group conversation

October 26th 2020



  • Fixed Google and Microsoft Professional Drive accesses and synchronizations

  • Fixed bug for automatically fill-up the signing-in e-mail when invited

  • New Android mobile app version

May 7th 2019



  • Fixed a bug causing the due date calendar to not display dates under the sunday column

  • Fixed a bug which made opening tasks page very slowly in Time tracking analytics page

  • Fixed a few other small issues


May 2nd 2019 - Mobile v3.8.721


  • Push notifications now redirect to the notified conversation, task or message thread

  • Redesign of task display in lists


  • Fixed navigation issue causing multiple windows to open at once

  • Task creation no longer limits on the number of characters


April 16th 2019


  • Aligned subject task lists with team task lists

  • Added additional task lists to team member profile and to subject task lists


  • Follow-up task creation window now displays all fields by default


April 12th 2019



  • A lot of "Planned" lists are now based on start dates rather than snooze dates


February 28th 2019


  • Fixed odd behaviours on placeholders in task creation field

  • Fixed some case where users would be notified twice when being assigned a task

  • Fixed an display error on documents tab in search results


March 13th 2019


  • New task subscriber picker


March 12th 2019 - Mobile version 3.8.6


  • Updated illustrations across the app


  • Fixed a bug where tasks would be created multiple times

  • Fixed status bar colour

  • Fixed iPhone X layout

  • Fixed a few icon sizes and wording issues

  • Fixed access to subscriptions and profile


February 28th 2019


  • Under the hood improvements


  • Document previews now display correctly all the time


February 15th 2019


  • Increased the number of subjects displayed in the sidebar to 250


  • Fixed scrolling issues in Private messages conversations

  • Fixed a rare issue when archived subjects were starred


February 12th 2019


  • Changed empty states images


  • Fixed wrong error message on taskcard save error

  • Fixed likers popup display


February 11th 2019

Mobile version 3.8.5


  • Revamped direct messages under the hood


  • Fixed a bug where new data was not pushed

  • Revamped direct messages under the hood


January 25th 2019


  • Made task label edition more obvious


  • When creating board columns, clicking will dismiss creation

  • Removed task label automatic text selection when editing

  • Fixed Direct message window odd behaviour in some cases


January 11th 2019


  • Added Google Team Drive tab to Google Drive integration


December 21st 2018


  • Improved task label edition with visual hint


  • Fixed keyboard

  • Removed guests from Team Calendar week view


December 18th 2018


  • Fixed multiple scrolling issues

  • Subtasks order is now kept when copying a task

  • Changed Cisco Spark for Webex Teams

  • Fixed: moving a task to another workspace did not work in some instances


November 21st 2018


  • Make subject copy opened to subject members

  • A tasks with no parent task cannot be unassigned and unshared simultaneously


  • Board task views should update when task information change

  • Downloads should behave normally again

  • Number of invites restriction for trial users

  • Always display the workspace sidebar

  • Team members window scrolls again on Firefox

  • A few visuals changes


October 15th 2018

Mobile version 3.8.3

  • Fixed timezone issue on due dates

  • Fixed dark background on comment input on iOS12


October 12th 2018


  • Under the hood enhancements


  • Blocked access to unsupported browser versions

  • Added information on blocked access window to find alternative solutions to connect


September 14th 2018

Mobile version 3.8

  • All text inputs now display correctly

  • Task card now displays correctly on landscape mode

  • Fixed performance issue when typing long texts

  • Task creation should now display only one task

  • Direct message threads no longer open on their own on tablets

  • Icons now have higher resolution

  • Guest can now change workspaces

  • Improved tasks - subtask navigation

  • Various visual issues

  • Image preview now works with more than one image

  • You can invite members on subjects

  • Fixed performance issue when typing text


September 10th 2018


  • You can now choose to keep subtask assignees (or not) in task copy


  • Fixed a few bugs on the member selection window for subjects

  • Removed Trello & Evernote import button from lists than did not support imports

  • Fixed an issue with the length of the notification center when open


August 31st 2018


  • Fixed a bug where the direct message thread label displayed the wrong team member's name


August 30th 2018


  • Subtasks can now be assigned to guests

  • Trello imports now import checklist items as subtasks


August 27th 2018


  • The subject creation window is now less cluttered - click on Purpose & Invite members to expand those fields


  • Sections and cancelled tasks no longer count in task counts


August 7th 2018


  • A new option in the subject copy allows you to copy all of the subject's subtasks. Learn more on the dedicated help article.


August 3rd 2018

iOS and Android apps v3.7.5:

  • Full subtask support: create, open and complete subtasks from their parent task card

  • Full task card redesign

  • Improved performances: the app should open and feel overall faster


August 1st 2018


  • Parent task is now displayed on Board views for subtasks - and you can click on the icon to open the parent task

  • Canceled subtasks now appear as such in their parent task card

  • Changed empty task lists images to match new visual identity


July 19th 2018


  • The + button on the top bar has a new design


  • Fixed some old browser compatibility issues

  • Fixed some visibility issues when new members joined workspaces


June 29th 2018


  • Notifications now count up to 99+ instead of 9+


  • Web browser favicon notification count is no longer limited to current workspace

  • Subject menu items have been reordered for convenience

  • Fixed a bug preventing guests from displaying their assigned tasks in their profile


June 26th 2018


  • Fixed the Facebook post preview which caused many issues in pages where they were present


June 22nd 2018


  • Tasks in lists can now be dragged from their label

  • Links were fixed on sign-in pages

  • Fixed subject description display issue when task card was opened


June 20th 2018


  • Subtasks can now be deleted from their parent tasks with the cross icon on the right

  • Task deletion confirmation window now includes the label of the task being deleted


  • Deleting a subtask opens its parent task after deletion

  • Only tasks with subtasks show the option to keep subtasks upon deletion


June 19th 2018


We changed some wording around subject types to try to make everything clearer for everyone:

  • Closed subjects became Private subjects

  • Secret subjects became Confidential subjects


  • Fixed a rare bug enabling guests to invite members to subjects

  • Fixed a bug that stopped descriptions in subtasks to be copied when copying a task


June 11th 2018


  • Added comments, files and description indicators on tasks in lists


  • Fixed a bug that blocked the display of tasks on a guest profile page

  • Fixed a bug where some users could not see subtasks when they just joined a subject

  • Fixed a bug that unassigned recurring tasks


June 4th 2018


  • The number of invitations emails sent per invitee is now displayed in the pending tab

  • Added the Time Tracking ID to the Workspace time tracking CSV export


  • Fixed some small issues on the on boarding windows


May 17th 2018


  • Subtasks are now full tasks

  • Columns and separators are now called Sections


  • Fixed a bug that marked completed tasks as to-do when drag&dropping them

  • New users will land on the Activity page after on-boarding


May 14th 2018


  • The task list headers now resize correctly

  • Fixed a rare on-boarding bug


April 23rd 2018

The sidebar has been improved with a few changes:

  • Icons were removed from full sidebar, but remain when the sidebar is collapsed

  • The current page indicator on the sidebar is now more discreet

  • The number of displayed members avatars is now of 10 instead of 12

  • The subscription index icon on the top left of the screen has changed to better represent the content of the page


  • The team members avatars no longer jump lines on Windows


April 6th 2018


  • Tasks can now be Unassigned and Unshared at the same time. This change was made to welcome the upcoming subtasks


April 3rd 2018


  • Added Delegated a Delegated and completed task lists in Team tasks and Task overview

  • Added More dropdown button in Team tasks and Task overview to display less commonly used task lists

  • Redesigned Subject creation and edition window so that you no longer have to scroll to Create or Save your subjects


  • Fixed and issue where team members were not notified when they were assigned follow-up tasks


March 9th 2018


  • Added task subscriber logs in task card

  • Added task marked as un-done log in task card


  • Fixed sidebar notification count was dark when using light themes

  • Team tasks lists selection now fits same line in french

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