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How do I create sections and tasks in Board view?
How do I create sections and tasks in Board view?

Learn how to create columns and tasks.

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There are four ways of creating sections in Azendoo :

  • You can create new sections (columns) in the board view by clicking on the “Create a section” text field on the far right of the section labels.

  • You can also create new sections in between two existing sections by hovering your cursor between your columns and clicking on the + icon that appears. From there enter the section name and press Enter to create the section.

  • You can create sections in the list view, and when you get back to the board view, these sections will show as columns.

  • You can turn a task into a section to create a new column. 

To create tasks, simply click in the task creation field and start typing your new task label. Hit Enter to create the task. Task created from the list views are also present in the board view.

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